Amhráin as Gaeilge – Singing Irish Songs!

A chairde, this is a friendly reminder that tomorrow’s event, ‘Amhráin as Gaeilge‘, will run from 2 – 4pm at our classroom in Friendship Heights!

Singing is a wonderful way to learn a language, and helps with memorising and consolidating vocabulary, pronunciation, language patterns and listening skills. Furthermore, singing helps us to learn about culture and people, and of course, singing Irish songs is simply great craic too! Hopefully you can join us. We have an eclectic mix of Irish language songs lined up that are sure to get your foot tapping and your vocal chords delighted. We will cap off the event with some snacks and drinks to celebrate the end of yet another year of successful Irish events and classes in Washington DC! You can read more and register through our Events page here and location details can be found on our Contact page.

For those eager to get started with learning Irish, you may be interested to know that 2017 classes are now posted online, and it’s best to register early. The next 8-week Introductory Irish runs Thurs Jan 5 to Feb 23 (8 weeks), and for returning students, the new Meánrang (Intermediate) course starts Wednesday, January 11th. You can read more and register for the class that’s best for you here.

Below is a sample of what we’ll be singing in our Amhráin as Gaeilge workshop – bí linn / join us!


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