A Scary Saturday and New November Classes!

Last week’s Slang ‘as Gaeilge’ event, on Oct 22nd.

Hallowe’en is almost here, and we’ll be marking it in style with a scary (!) Oíche Shamhna event tomorrow SaturdayOct 29th at 3pm. It promises to be a fun class of ‘cultúr agus comhrá’ celebrating our ancient Celtic festival. We’ll be covering the history of Oíche Shamhna, Irish traditions and new vocabulary, as well as learning about various customs from around the world that take place on Oct 31st! As ever, the event is free and anyone may attend. For more details and to register, see our Events page. Big thanks to everyone who attended our recent Irish Refresher and Slang ‘as Gaeilge’ events – bhí sibh ar dóigh!

Beginning next week on Wednesday, Nov 2nd, a new 6-week Intermediate Course will begin with Múinteoir Olga! This is an excellent opportunity to continue or to restart your Irish language development, and we’re really looking forward to it! Topics we are covering include place names and counties, short films, prepositions, body parts, illness and more. We’ve extended the Early Bird rate until Sunday, which means now really is the best time to register. For class dates and details, click here. For Ard Rang students, our classes of comhrá, grammar, poetry and literature continue on Mondays at 7pm – beidh fáilte romhat!

us2016…and finally, good news for all you political junkies and casual pundits out there – we’ll be running a free Presidential Election Special Event on Nov 5th called ‘Toghchán 2016‘! As with all our events, new and old are welcome to attend. On the other hand, if you’re still wondering what Irish is all about and want to start learning the ‘cúpla focal’, we’ve got just the class for you – our 1-Day Introductory Intensive coming up on Saturday, Nov 12th, when we get new students started on their Irish language journey! See the website or drop us a line for the lowdown!

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