New Beginner Course & EU Open Day!

The 8-week Intro class will run at One Dupont.

Ciorcal Dupont, tá muid ag teacht! Yes, that’s right – we begin our first series of Introductory Irish classes in Dupont Circle this coming Thursday at 7pm! This 8-week beginner course will run until June 29th at One Dupont. It’s wonderful to see new and returning students of Irish registered for this course, and the small class size will ensure that everyone progresses at their own level as Múinteoir Quinton covers conversation and grammar basics. The class group will be touching on a variety of topics, with an emphasis on oral language, so if you would like to join us, please check out this link for more details (only two places remaining).

EU Open Day is such fun!

Also of note is the upcoming EU Open Day at the Irish Embassy on Saturday, May 13th! Each year EU Embassies in the USA open their doors to the public for a celebration of language, sport, music, food and more. The annual event offers visitors a rare look inside the embassies and provides a unique opportunity to experience the cultural heritage and national traditions of the 28 member countries. We are again invited to promote ‘an Ghaeilge’ at the Irish Embassy, and so we’ll have a table display loaded with freebies go-leor and info on the Irish language! If you’re interested in being a volunteer and schmoozing at the Irish Embassy for a few hours, then please add your name to our online Volunteer Schedule. Bheadh sé an-deas tú a fheiceáil ansin – we would love to have you join us! If you happen to be passing through the Irish Embassy on the day, be sure to come over and say hello or even ‘Conas atá sibh, a chairde Gael?!”

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