Let’s Learn Irish Profiled on Polyglossic!

Gach duine, today we are featured on Polyglossic, a popular blog about languages and language diversity! This is an excellent introduction for any friends who want to learn (and hear) more the Irish language. You will find the full article and audio clip here: http://bit.ly/MDLUfL.

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Gaelic vs. Irish: The History of Each Term

It’s a common experience: You might be telling someone that you’re learning Irish or describing an encounter with the language, and that person looks at you with a blank face and says, “By ‘Irish,’ do you mean ‘Gaelic’”? It’s an understandable mistake to make, and one that is probably common outside of Ireland. However, it’s time set the record straight regarding Gaelic vs. Irish.

Irish and Scottish Gaelic: Similar yet Different

The two languages are similar enough that someone who can speak one of them comfortably may be able to comprehend the other, albeit with help from a dictionary at times. Irish and Scottish Gaelic sometimes draw comparisons to Spanish and Portuguese, which can be quite similar and share a high degree of mutual intelligibility in their written forms.