Workshop: Using Social Media & Podcasts to Learn Irish

Workshop: Using Social Media & Podcasts to Learn Irish
Join us on Saturday, July 23rd, for a fun workshop on how you can efficiently use social media and podcasts in order to enhance your Irish language learning! Róisín and Sinéad, from ‘na Gael Gals’, are looking forward to sharing their insights and helping you take your Irish learning to the next level. The Gael Gals are a group of friends who regularly make and upload Irish language content to a range of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. Register here. Note: If you can’t join us for the live session, don’t worry – you will be sent a link to the recording afterwards.

Ceacht An Lae
Do you know about #CeachtAnLae? It’s our ‘lesson of the day’, as posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You will hear how to pronounce each phrase, which is related to our weekly topic!

Comhrá Gach Seachtain
An maith leat comhrá? Our Comhrá sessions continue throughout the summer on Thursdays at 8pm ET. Join us to discuss Topaic na Seachtaine and meet fellow learners! These comhrá sessions are open to learners of all levels – bígí linn! Eolas ar fáil anseo.

Le Teacht


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