Which Course To Choose?

Ag Roghnú Cúrsa

Intreoir 1 Lá

1 lá
Réidh le foghlaim? Seo d’intreoir aon lá sa Ghaeilge!
Cliceáil Anseo

This 1-day class is designed for students who have always wanted to learn Irish and ‘jump right in’! If you eager to get started speaking Irish but unable to attend our evening courses, this is the class for you. By the end of this class you will be able to introduce yourself and talk about family life, where you live, what you do, hobbies, tell the time and more ‘as Gaeilge’!

Ranganna Ar Líne

6 seachtain
Tá foghlaimeoirí ar fud na cruinne in ann ár ranganna a ghlacadh ar líne!
Cliceáil Anseo

Online Classes

We are expanding our range of online courses for anyone unable to attend our classes in Washington DC! These classes will take place entirely online and will be available from early 2018.

Rang 1

8 seachtain
Fáilte romhat chuig Rang 1, cúrsa dírithe ar thosaitheoirí amháin!
Cliceáil Anseo

The Introductory course is for those new to learning Irish. This 8-week course is typically offered 3 times per year (January, May & September) as well as a number of 1-Day Introductory Classes and online courses. On completion, students are welcome to progress to the Meánrang, Comhrá and TEG classes.

An Ard Rang

6 seachtain
Tá na ranganna seo dírithe ar an Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge (TEG, A2) agus na riachtanais foghlama agus tacaíochta atá le tabhairt faoi don sraith scrúduithe seo.
Cliceáil Anseo

Advanced Class

This class is for students wishing to undertake the annual TEG exam, an internationally recognised certification system for adult learners of Irish based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (2001). TEG exams provide candidates with a clear learning target and an opportunity to develop their Irish language ability, from beginner to advanced levels. In 2018 we are establishing the first ever TEG oral exams in Washington DC – to read more about this exciting development, click here.

An Meánrang

6 seachtain
Tá an sraith foghlama seo dírithe orthu siúd ar mhaith leo feabhas a chur ar a gcuid Gaeilge. Le freastal, tá ar mhic léinn Rang 1 a bheith déanta acu (nó staidéar ar chomhchéim leis).
Cliceáil Anseo

Intermediate courses run for 6 weeks and cover a wide range of topics designed to develop students’ reading, grammar and conversation skills. Classes are suitable for anyone who has completed the 8-week Introductory course or previously learned Irish but not spoken the language for a while. Classes place a strong emphasis on developing conversation and confidence in Irish, and course booklets typically include biographies, grammar, mythology, vocabulary, history of the language, conversation, poetry and song.

Rang Comhrá

sa samhradh
Bígí ag caint! Buail isteach agus bí ag labhairt do chuid Gaeilge sa rang foirmeálta seo a mbíonn á reáchtáil againn i rith an tsamhraidh.
Cliceáil Anseo

Conversation Class

The Rang Comhrá runs each week during July and August and it is an excellent way for students to keep their Irish fresh and in use. Students can ‘pay-as-you-go’ or sign up for the full course! This is a formal conversation class facilitated through a variety of stories, articles, songs and role-play.