Céadainm/First Name


Ainm Úsáideora/Username


Leibhéal Teanga/Language Level

B1 (Intermediate) e.g. could manage in the Gaeltacht, can talk about ambitions, explain opinions.

Do Shuíomh/Your Location

-Deisceart/South, USA

Fúm/About Me

I am a relatively fluent Scottish Gaelic speaker, and I am learning Irish and the other four Celtic languages (Welsh, Breton, Manx and Cornish) as part of a longer-term project I have going.  I love all things Celtic, particularly the art, literature and music, although anything I sing turns into a dirge (so go raibh maith agat for the invitation to join in, but you’re better off if I just enjoy listening).  I like to watch sports, including rugby, football (soccer), curling, baseball and ice hockey.  I follow GAA as internet connections allow.