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Brian Smith, Foghlaimeoir

Brian first started learning Irish to reconnect with the language and culture of his ancestors, and having discovered that it is an endangered language, is glad to do his part to keep it alive. Brian’s first Irish word was “shillelagh”, used in his family and a remnant of their Irish past. Inspired by the Cultural Reconnection workshop taught by Brian Ó hAirt at Let’s Learn Irish, he checked his family tree to discover six relatives from different parts of Ireland.

Brian’s first comhrá session was particularly meaningful to him, as it was the first time he got to speak Irish in real life. Since then, he has dived headfirst into the Irish culture, from attending trad sessions to researching bataireacht, Irish stick-fighting martial arts.

Cé Thusa?

Ainm/Name: Brian Smith

Áit/Location: Fresno, California, USA.

A0 Introductory

Ról sa Chomhphobal/Role in the Community:

Slí Beatha/Occupation:
Múinteoir Staire agus Staidéar Sóisialta/History and Social Studies teacher

Am ag foghlaim Gaeilge/Time learning Irish:
1 year with DuoLingo and 7 weeks with online courses

Caithimh Aimseartha/Hobbies:
Gaeilge, music, watching shows/movies/youtube

Cad is Fearr Leat?

Ceol/Music: Rilo Kiley

Amhrán/Song: “Wires and Waves” by Rilo Kiley

Bia/Food: Prátaí­

Deoch/Drink: Piña colada

Scannán/Film: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Clueless, Mean Girls, Wedding Singer

Clár Teilifíse/TV Show: Gilmore Girls, Derry Girls, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Futurama

Podchraoladh/Podcast: Our Rich Journey

Scannán/Film: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Alchemist

Ainmhí/Animal: Órang-útan

Laoch/Hero, Role Model: Emma Goldman

Áit in Éirinn/Place in Ireland: I haven’t visited Ireland yet, but my #1 place to see is Newgrange! I would love to see all the ancient sites!

Frása Gaeilge/Irish phrase:
Labhraíonn an fia Gaeilge” (The deer speaks Irish). “Íocann an madra don chat” (The dog pays for the cat).

Miotaseolaíocht/Irish Mythology: Síoga, fairy folk

Seanfhocal/Proverb: The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

Mana saoil/Life motto: Make it work!

Comhairle d’fhoghlaimeoirí nua/Advice for new learners of Irish:
Get speaking instruction/practice soon (like Let’s Learn Irish ‘Ceacht & Comhrá) and don’t just use DuoLingo. I’m a new learner, so I will take any advice as well!

Join the online Irish community for cúrsaí, comhrá & ceardlanna, and follow along on social media @LetsLearnIrish – beidh fáilte romhat!

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