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Have you ever wanted to learn some simple Irish phrases to use as a greeting or in a message? Perhaps you’d like to add to your vocabulary, or revise a topic you previously learned? Listed below are just a few of the many videos recorded by native speaker Múinteoir Alanagh. You will find the full collection of tutorials on our YouTube channel, or by visiting Best of luck with your learning…or as we say in Irish, “go n-éirí leat!”

Check out these simple phrases and many more on our YouTube channel!

How to Greet Somone
in Irish:

Aon scéal, a chara?

Learn 10 Irish Verbs
in the Present Tense: 

Briathra san Aimsir Láithreach

The Counties of Ulster
in Irish:

Cúige Uladh

Local Amenities
in Irish:

Áiseanna Áitiúla

Keep your skills sharp over the summertime!

Our 5-week Irish summer term will begin on July 16th, with classes at A0 Introductory, A1 Beginner, A2 Elementary and B1 Intermediate levels.

We will also be offering a new writing course, Peann & Pár. Attend classes live and/or via video recording. Early Bird Rates are now available on all courses.

Bígí páirteach! To learn more, please visit our Courses page or contact us for more details.

Free Workshop, Sun, July 14th, 12-1pm ET.

New 5-week summer term begins July 16th.

Bígí páirteach!
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