Peil Mheiriceánach – Irish Phrases for the NFL Season

Irish vocabulary and phrases for NFL teams.The Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place recently, in Canton, Ohio. This event is the surest sign that the season of ‘Peil Mheiriceánach’ (American football) is on its way! 

This got me thinking – how can I use my own Irish language skills during the upcoming NFL season? If you’re a football fan, as I am, you might want to bust out your ‘cúpla focal’ when game days come around, and let folks know that you can can speak some Irish! With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of football vocabulary and phrases, in Irish, that you can use to cheer on your NFL players and teams…ádh mór, a chairde (good luck)!

Foclóir / Vocabulary

American football – Peil Mheiriceánach

Catch the ball – Beir ar an liathróid

Dead ball – Liathróid mharbh

Defensive end – Ceannchosantóir

Field goal – Cúl ón imirt

I love the Cleveland Browns – Is breá liom na Cleveland Browns

Linebacker – Tacadóir líne

Offensive line – Líne ionsaithe

Pigskin – Scrathóg

Quarterback – Ceathrúchúlaí

Referee – Réiteoir

Run, Run, Run! – Rith, Rith, Rith!

Scoring zone – Talmhú scórála

Running back – Cúlaí reatha

Shoulder pad – Cosaint gualainne

The ball was in play – Bhí an liathróid san imirt

The ball was out of play – Bhí an liathróid as an imirt

The half-time show – An seó leath ama

The Superbowl- An Sárbhabhla

They lost – Chaill siad

Thigh pad – Cosaint leise

Throw the ball (Throw it) – Caith an liathróid (Caith é)

To block the ball – An liathróid a stopadh

To fumble the ball – Breith breallach ar an liathróid

Touchdown – Talmhú

We won – Bhuaigh muid

What players do they have? – Cé na himreoirí atá acu?

What’s the latest score? – Cad é an scór is déanaí?

You can find more vocabulary and phrases in our Foclóir section here!

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