“Did You Enjoy That?” in Irish

In this video, we learn how to say “Did you Enjoy That?” (Ar Bhain Tú Taitneamh As Sin?) in Irish.

How to say "Did You Enjoy That?" in Irish

The verb being used in the phrase “Ar bhain tú taitneamh as sin?” is the past-tense form of “bain” which actually means to harvest, take, or derive. When used in conjunction with the word “taitneamh”, meaning enjoyment or pleasure, and “as sin” meaning “from that”, we are asking “Did you take enjoyment from that?”.

The Irish language distinguishes between “you” singular and “you” plural. When asking one person, you would say “Ar bhain tú taitneamh as sin?” but when asking a group of people, “Ar bhain sibh taitneamh as sin?” would be correct. Likewise when answering the question, like all questions in Irish, we answer with either the positive or negative form of the verb. In this case, you would answer “Bhain!” for “I did!” or “Níor bhain!” for “I did not!”.

Other phrases you may encounter for asking this question might be “Ar bhain tú sult as sin?”, or “Ar thaitin sé sin leat?”. 

Watch the video to practise your pronunciation of the question “Ar bhain tú taitneamh as sin?”

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Ar bhain tú taitneamh as do laethanta saoire = Did you enjoy your summer holidays?

– Ar bhain tú taitneamh as an mbriseadh téarma = Did you enjoy the midterm break?

– Ar bhain tú taitneamh as an scannán? = Did you enoy the movie?

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