“Friend” in Irish

In this video, we learn how to say the word for “Friend” (Cara) in Irish.

How to say "Friend" in Irish

The word for “friend” in Irish is “cara”, and to say “my friend” is “mo chara”. When addressing someone as “my friend”, however, it needs to take on the vocative case thus becoming “a chara”. So, “Conas atá tú, a chara?” would be “How are you, my friend?”

If you want to talk about your friends rather than the singular, you can say “mo chairde”. When addressing your friends, this takes on the vocative case described above, becoming “a chairde”. So, “Conas atá sibh, a chairde?” would be “How are you, my friends?”

Watch the video to practice your pronunciation of the words “cara”, “mo chara”, and “mo chairde”.

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Conas atá tú, a chara? = How are you, my friend?

– Chonaic mé mo chara Pól inné = I saw my friend Pól yesterday.

– Bím ag caint le mo chairde sa bhaile = I keep in touch with my friends from home.

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