“Good Night” in Irish

In this video, we learn how to say “Good night” in Irish…Oíche mhaith!

How to say "Good night" in Irish

Here, “oíche” has the meaning of “night” and “maith” means “good”. They come together to form the phrase “oíche mhaith”.

You can simply say “oíche mhaith” or you can add “duit/daoibh” to address either one or many people. Therefore, “oíche mhaith duit” is “good night to you” and “oíche mhaith daoibh” is “good night to you (all)”.

We can likewise wish someone good morning by saying “maidin mhaith”. Additionally, we can add “duit/daoibh” to the end to wish good morning to one or more people.

Watch the video to practice your pronunciation of the phrase “Oíche mhaith”.

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Oíche mhaith, a stór! = Goodnight, love!

– Oíche mhaith a chara! = Good night, friend!

– Oíche mhaith duit! = Good night to you!

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