“My Name Is” in Irish

Have you ever wondered how to say “My name is…” in Irish? If so, here’s the answer!

How to say "My Name Is" in Irish

When introducing yourself in Irish, you will want to tell someone what your name is. In order to that, we must first say our name, followed by “is ainm dom”. Therefore “Jamie is ainm dom” would be “My name is Jamie”. To ask someone what their name is, you simply say “Cad is ainm duit?”.  You may also hear or see the phrase “an t-ainm atá orm” instead of “is ainm dom”. This is another way to express the same and would be structured similarly as “Jamie an t-ainm atá orm”. 

Watch the video to practice your pronunciation of the phrase “Is ainm dom”

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Cad is ainm duit? = What is your name?

– Jamie is ainm dom = My name is Jamie.

– Caidé an t-ainm atá ort? = What is your name?

–  Jamie an t-ainm atá orm = My name is Jamie.

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