The Days of the Week in Irish

Today, we’re going to learn the Days of the Week in Irish…

The Days of the Week in Irish

The Days of the Week in Irish are as follows:

Monday – Dé Luain
Tuesday – Dé Máirt
Wednesday – Dé Céadaoin
Thursday – Déardaoin
Friday – Dé hAoine
Saturday – Dé Sathairn
Sunday – Dé Domhnaigh

If we want to talk about things happening repeatedly on a certain day, we can put “ar an” before the day. The words change slightly, as follows:

Ar an Luan
Ar an Máirt
Ar an gCéadaoin
Ar an Déardaoin
Ar an Aoine
Ar an Satharn
Ar an Domhnach

To say “every Wednesday, we can use the word “gach”, so it would be:

Gach Luan
Gach Máirt
Gach Céadaoin
Gach Déardaoin
Gach Aoine
Gach Satharn
Gach Domhnach

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Bím ag obair ar an Satharn. – I work on Saturdays.

– Glaoigh orm Dé Céadaoin. – Call me on Wednesday.

– Inniu Dé Luain. – Today is Monday.

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