How to Greet Someone in Irish

In today’s video, we’re going to learn how to greet someone in Irish!

How to Greet Someone in Irish

When saying hello to someone, it is traditional to say “Dia duit”, which translates as “God be with you”. The appropriate response to this greeting would be “Dia is Muire Duit”, meaning “God and Mary be with you”. You may also hear alternative greetings in daily conversations, such as “Haigh” or “Heileo”.

You may also wish to greet more than one person, which requires us to change our greeting a bit. Instead of saying “Dia duit”, we say “Dia daoibh” when speaking to more than one person. Likewise, this also applies to the response of “Dia is Muire duit”, should we be responding to more than one person, which becomes “Dia is Muire daoibh”.

Another thing we can say in Irish is “Aon scéal, a chara?” which translates literally to “Any story, friend?” This is similar to saying “What’s up?” in English.

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Dia duit, a Dhaidí! – Hello, Daddy!

– Aon scéal, a chara? – Any story/What’s up, friend?

– Haigh, a stór. – Hello, my dear.

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