How to say “Please” in Irish

Today we’re learning how to say “Please” (Le do thoil) in Irish!

How to say "Please" in Irish

When we say please in the Irish language, we are really saying three different words. The phrase for please “Le do thoil”, literally means “with your will”. However, in normal conversation it translates to the English understanding of “please”. But when we are saying please to a group of people, we must change the grammatical structure to reflect the plural. Thus, “le do thoil” becomes “le bhur dtoil”.

Just like with any language, politeness goes a long way in conversation. So, when you’re asking a favour from a friend, be sure to add “le do thoil” at the end. When you don’t understand something being said, you might say “Abair arís é, le do thoil” for “Say that again, please”.

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Dhá cupán tae, le do thoil = Two cups of tea, please.

– Cuir chugam an bainne, le do thoil = Pass the milk, please.

– Ná caith tobac, le do thoil = Please don’t smoke.

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