Members of My Household in Irish

In basic conversation, we will often find ourselves speaking about Household Members! In this video, we’ll cover the vocabulary associated with those closest to us… 

Members of My Household in Irish

To talk about your people or extended family, you can say “mo mhuintir”. 

The word “Mo” means “my”. Be careful when using “mo” because it usually introduces a “seimhiú” (h) in the word that follows it. Here are some examples:

To say “my mother”, we use the words “mo mháthair”. 

“My father” is “m’athair”. 

“My brother” is “mo dheartháir”. 

“My sister” is “mo dheirfiúr”. 

For “My grandmother” we say “Mo sheanmháthair”. 

“My grandfather” is “mo sheanathair”.

“My uncle” is “m’uncail”.

“My aunt” is “M’aintín”.

To talk about your pet, you can simply say “Mo pheata” or more specifically, “Mo mhadra” for “My dog” or “Mo chat” for “My cat”.

Play back this video to practice these phrases, and always remember that after “mo”, we add a seimhiú to the next word, when applicable.

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