The Counties of Munster in Irish

In this video Múinteoir Alanagh will teach you how to say the six counties of Munster in Irish!

The Counties of Munster in Irish

The Munster province gets its name from ‘Mumhan’, which means ‘The Land of Mumha’s men’, Mumha was a Celtic goddess, and the anglicised English name includes the original Gaelic form, with the Norman suffix “-ster” added, ‘ster’ being a Nordic word for ‘state’.

The Irish for the province of Munster is “Cúige Mumhan”. 

Tá 6 chontae i gCúige Mumhan – there are 6 counties in Munster, as follows:

Co. Clare – Contae an Chláir
Co. Cork – Contae Chorcaí
Co. Kerry – Contae Chiarraí
Co. Limerick – Contae Luimnigh
Co. Tipperary – Contae Thiobraid Árann
Co. Waterford – Contae Phort Láirge

Once you’ve learned these names off, be sure to see our other videos on the provinces of Ireland.

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