10 Irish Verbs in the Present Tense

Today we’re going over 10 examples of useful Irish verbs from the continuous Present Tense, otherwise known as ‘An Aimsir Láithreach’!

By learning and practising these 10 sentences, you will become more confident in speaking about everyday activities. Ar aghaidh linn – off we go!

10 Irish Verbs in the Present Tense

1. I am always good. – Bím i gcónaí go maith.

2. I see her every day. – Feicim í gach lá.

3. You get a headache every week. – Faigheann tú tinneas cinn gach seachtain.

4. You drink water every day. – Ólann tú uisce gach lá.

5. He comes home during the night. – Tagann sé abhaile i rith na hoíche.

6. He plays hurling. – Imríonn sé iománaíocht.

7. She leaves the office every evening. – Fágann sí an oifig gach tráthnóna.

8. She goes abroad every month. – Imíonn sí thar sáile gach mí.

9. We buy fruit every Saturday. – Ceannaíonn muid torthaí gach Satharn.

10. They go to the dentist every year. – Téann siad chuig an bhfiaclóir gach bliain.

Agus sin é a chairde – 10 examples of useful Irish verbs when talking in the continuous Present Tense in Irish! After learning these examples, you might also like to view our videos on the Past and Future Tense!

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