How to Count People in Irish, 11-20

Following on from our previous video, How to Count People, 1-10, we’re now going to take a look at How to Count People in Irish, 11-20!

How to Count People in Irish, 11-20

The grammatical structure for counting people past the number ten changes a bit, but it’s easy to remember after some practice. Let’s get started!

To say “eleven people”, you say “aon duine dhéag”. 

Twelve people: dhá dhuine dhéag.

Thirteen people: trí dhuine dhéag.

Fourteen people: ceithre dhuine dhéag.

Fifteen people: cúig dhuine dhéag.

Sixteen people: sé dhuine dhéag.

Seventeen people: seacht nduine dhéag”.

Eighteen people: ocht nduine dhéag. 

Nineteen people: naoi nduine dhéag.

Twenty people: fiche duine.

From the start: aon duine dhéag, dhá dhuine dhéag, trí dhuine dhéag, ceithre dhuine dhéag, cúig dhuine dhéag, sé dhuine dhéag, seacht nduine dhéag, ocht nduine dhéag, naoi nduine dhéag agus fiche duine!

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