How to Introduce Yourself in Irish

In this video, we’ll be practising how you can introduce yourself, say where you’re from, and ask someone if they have a job in Irish!

How to Introduce Yourself in Irish

To ask someone their name, say “Céard is ainm duit?”.
The response to this is “Is mise ____” or “____ is ainm dom”. This means “My name is ___”.

To ask someone where they are from, we say “Cé as thú?” They might reply by saying “Is as _____ mé”, which means “I am from ____”.

If you want to ask someone if they have a job, say “An bhfuil post agat?” The answer to this question is “Tá post agam” or “Níl post agam”, meaning “I have a job” or “I don’t have a job”.

“Cén post atá agat?” means “What job do you have?”. To reply with what your job is, you can say “Is múinteoir mé” for “I am a teacher”. Simply replace the word “múinteoir” with your occupation. Here is a list of possible occupations:

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Cad is ainm duit? – What is your name?

– Is as Meiriceá mé. – I am from America.

– Is mise Máire. – I am Mary.

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