Ask for Someone’s Phone Number in Irish

You can introduce yourself and you can ask someone how they are doing. You can also count from 1-10. Now let’s learn how to ask someone for their phone number!

How to Ask for Someone's Phone Number in Irish

When asking for someone’s phone number, we must first understand how to ask “Can I?” which in Irish is “An féidir liom?”. Then the phrase for “your phone number” is “d’uimhir fóin” followed by the verb for “to get” which is “a fháil”. So putting the question all together, we have “An féidir liom d’uimhir fóin a fháil?”.

In addition to the word “fón” you may also hear or see the word “guthán” which essentially means “voice”. Furthermore, you may hear a cell phone being called a “guthán poca” which roughly translates to “pocket voice”.

Watch the video to practice your pronunciation of “An féidir lion d’uimhir fóin a fháil?” Also, be sure to look over our video on counting numbers 1-10.

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Uimhir fóin a dhiailiú = To dial a phone number.

– Cén uimhir fóin atá ann? = What’s the phone number.

– Chun cuidiú a fháil, glaoigh ar an uimhir seo = For help, call this number.

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