Teangacha: Languages

Below are words and phrases associated with Topaic na Seachtaine:



Focail / Words

Afrikaans – An Afracáinis
Arabic – An Araibis
Cantonese – An Chantainis
Catalan – An Chatalóinis
Chinese – An tSínis
Croatian – An Chróitis
Dutch – An Ollainnis
English – An Béarla
Flemish – An Phléimeannais
French – An Fhraincis
German – An Ghearmáinis
Greek – an Ghréigis
Indonesian – An Indinéisis
Irish – An Ghaeilge

Italian – An Iodáilis
Korean – An Chóiréis
Japanese – an tSeapáinis
Latin – An Laidinis
Latvian – An Laitvis
Mandarin – An Mhandairínis
Mongolian – An Mhongóilis
Polish – An Pholainnis
Russian – An Rúisis
Slovenia – An tSlóivéinis
Spanish – An tSpáinnis
Swahili – An tSvahaílis
Vietnamese – An Vítneaimis
Welsh – An Bhreatnais

Frásaí / Phrases

They teach languages here today – Múintear teangacha anseo

How many languages do you have – Cé mhéad teanga atá agat?

What language did they speak? – Cén teanga a labhair siad

Two languages – Dhá theanga

They spoke both languages differently – Bhí an dá theanga ar a dtoil acu

The language they spoke was Irish and not English – Ba í Gaeilge seachas Béarla an teanga a labhair siad

He was very interested in languages – Bhí suim mhór aige i dteangacha

They are fluent in both languages – Tá siad líofa sa dá theanga

A country without language is a country without soul – Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam

A large number of languages is being used in Ireland today – Tá líon mór teangacha in úsáid in Éirinn sa lá atá inniu ann

Languages are taught in this school – Múintear teangacha sa scoil seo

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