“Goodbye!” in Irish

In this video, Jamie teaches us how to say “Goodbye!” in Irish.

How to say "Goodbye!" in Irish

When wishing someone goodbye, we often say “Slán go fóill”. Here, “slán” means “goodbye” and “go fóill” means “for now”.

There are other ways to say goodbye as well, such as “Slán leat”, which is said to one person when they are leaving but you are staying. “Slán agat” is what you say when you are leaving, and someone is staying. “Slán abhaile” is used when you are wishing safe travels home! Of course, you can also just simply say “Slán” casually or if you are unsure of which form to use.

Watch the video below to practice your pronunciation of the phrase “Slán go fóill”.

Samplaí Eile / Other Examples:

– Slán go fóill = Bye for now

– Slán abhaile = Safe home

– Go dté tú slán = Take care

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